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What is this excitement about the Synod?

Welcome guest blogger and PVP Leadership Team member Karen Jennings! Karen's relatively new to our Team and brings to us her many perspectives as a woman who has served the Church in professional ministry, taught school, tutored and has brought her gift for music to us all. She directs Chrsitian Initiation in her parish, has retired from classroom teaching and is always open to new opportunities to serve, learn and grow! Welcome, Karen! And we are excited about the Synod right along with you.

Yes, I am caught up with the excitement of what this NEW process called the SYNOD is all about!

Is it like what I saw when I was seven or eight years old and I asked my aunt, “Who are these men in funny robes and hats and what are they doing? Of course, she was new to the Catholic Church, and she couldn’t answer my question and of course, I was her niece who attended Mass as often as I was allowed and was puzzled as to the strange language, the kneeling, somber music... but I digress.

When I became a member in full communion with the Church during the seventies, Through the years as I became more i immersed in a brand new (for me) area to truly express my faith! I had seen what I now know as Vatican Council II and had experienced a newness, a freshness of inclusion, especially for women! Or was it?

As time went on, I became more immersed into further study of Vatican II, further study into ministry and into roles that would truly be embraced without anyone saying, “You’re a woman, you should remain silent, you can’t do that!” WOW! The Holy Spirit in full force!

Through the years as I became more and more involved in ministry, I noticed that the Church became more engaged in discernment. We were beginning to listen to each other, not all in agreement but listening intently with our hearts.

Yes, I am listening, and learning, but seeking out what will be the experience for me as I move into the other side of the age spectrum.

What will this Synod bring? Where will these reforms, questions, statements, lead for people like me, now, an older Black woman with considerable years of experience in ministry, living in the United States and serving in a parish adopting synodal practices within a diocese which is indifferent to the call?

As for me, I can now share my excitement and curiosity with others, listen deeply to what they are sharing and remain open and hopeful.

My belief is that the Holy Spirit, who is leading our Pope, who is leading all of us to further conversion, will remind us to not give up, remain patient and continue the Lord’s work. Come Holy Spirit! COME!

To follow Synod coverage, learn more about synodality, and connect with others on the #synodjourney, join our digital community!

Image courtesy of Unsplash/Clay Banks

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