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Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Pentecost Vigil Project supports the call for Church renewal through Spirit-led synodality. We provide creative digital resources and professional consulting services that enable the laity and all Church leadership to better understand and embrace the synodal process.

Why this Synod is so important
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  3. Pray for the Synod  Sept. 30th
    Together: an ecumenical prayer vigil
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  6. Synod &  Nat'l Eucharistic Revival
    preview our 4-session Parish program for Synod-style Parish Renewal
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What Is Synodality?

Pentecost Vigil Project
Start the Synod Journey to discover
Why Synodality?

Happiness comes from 

what we do. 

Fulfillment comes from 

why we do it. 

- Simon Sinek

We invite you to join
our fundraising campaign,

"Unleashing the Spirit of Synodality."

July 15, 2023 - October 31, 2023.


Help us meet our goal
to promote synodality!

Pentecost Vigil Project

Pentecost Vigil Project Announcements

Spanish edition coming soon!

Synod + the Nat'l Eucharistic Revival =
"Christ Present in the Eucharist"

A Synodal-style Parish Process for Eucharistic Revival

PVP has partnered with The Pastoral Center Publishing Company to offer you this dynamic four-session parish process.

The content is based on the Vatican II documents on the Eucharist.  The program also introduces your parish to the prayerful, synod-style, listening and discernment process that is being used throughout the Synod on Synodality journey.

(This is how we pay the bills!)


  • Presentation slides and leader talking points

  • Guides for small group discussion and note taker.

  • Personal notes page, resource list, and tent cards for participants.

  • Tools for promotion

  • Unlimited parish access

  • Diocesan/group discounts 

Rocky Island

Quotes from the Vatican's Working Document for the Continental Stage


"We have discovered that synodality is THE way of being Church. 
The Holy Spirit is asking us to be more synodal."  
England & Wales 

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