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Image by Jonathan Simcoe

Books on Synodality

  • Pope Francis   Let us Dream

  • Pope Francis:  Walking Together: The Way of Synodality

  • Anne Benjamin and Charles Burford.  Leadership in a Synodal Church 

  • Eamonn Conway and Eugene Duffy.  The Synodal Pathway: When Rhetoric Meets Reality.

  • Rafael Luciani.  Synodality: A New Way of Proceeding in the Church 

  • Moira McQueen.  Walking Together: A Primer on the New Synodality

  • Alberto Melloni and Silvia Scatena.  Synod and Synodality Theology, History, Canon Law and Ecumenism  

  • Serena Noceti.  Reforming the Church-A Synodal Way of Proceeding

  • Fr. Bede Rowe.  Synodality

  • Michael J. Sanem.  Your Church Wants to Hear from You: What is the Synod on Synodality?

  • Phyllis Zagano. Just Church: Catholic Social Teaching, Synodality and Women

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