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Discernment is an expression of our desire to love God and find the best ways of serving God’s saving purpose… 

Spirituality for Synodality p. 27

Discernment in Common talk at the Discerning Leadership Program in Rome  
With Mark Ravizza  Feb 8, 2022 - Part 1 and Part 2 (about 60 min. ea)

Discernment in Common
Part One
  • Creating a Discerning Body
  • The Dynamics of a Conversation

  • Prayer

  • A Spiritual Conversation is Never Just for Ourselves

  • Listen Contemplatively

Discernment in Common
Part Two
  • The Importance of Silence
  • The Holy Spirit is Global

  • Prayer Guides

  • How Did Abraham Know He Was Going in the Right Direction

  • Temptation to be in Control

  • Lower Expectations

  • Design a Leadership Structure

  • The Changing Role of Participants

Pope Francis Wants YOU image Jan 2022_edited.jpg

Pope Francis:
Catechesis on Discernment

Wednesday homilies, 12 pt series


in Common

from DPA Resource Archive

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