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National 2022 USCCB Reports

Many who conducted listening sessions described being transformed by the process of listening to others’ stories and hearing about their faith journey. Those who shared their stories, especially those who participated in small group sessions, stated that they felt listened to by the Church for the first time.                                                - USCCB National Synthesis pg 4

                                                 USCCB 2022 National Synthesis
The USCCB National Synthesis concludes the diocesan phase of the synodal process. All one hundred seventy-eight (178) Latin (arch)dioceses contributed syntheses. Due to the size of the country, these contributions were gathered regionally, to produce fourteen intermediate syntheses which aided in the development of this national synthesis. Due to their long history of synodal practice, the Eastern Catholic Churches shared their reports directly with the Holy See. To incorporate contributions from the large number of Catholic associations, organizations, and national ministries in the United States, a sixteenth region (“Region XVI”) was created. These contributions represent over 22,000 reports from individual parishes and other groups. An estimated 700,000 people participated in the diocesan phase of the Synod in the United States.                                                                    - Synthesis pg. 3
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Quotes from USA Listening Session Reports


"The Holy Spirit is calling us to bridge the gap
between Pope Francis and the U.S. Bishops."

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