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Meet the Team

debbie stollery pic_edited_edited.jpg

30+ Years in Ministry

Co-founder of PVP

Masters Organizational Development

Writer and Speaker

Married, with 2 children


BMcCarty Hi Res photo.jpg

40+ Years in Ministry

Doctorate in Ministry 

Adjunct Prof. Catholic U. 

Nationally Published 

Former NFCYM Director


Dana headshot_edited.jpg

Dana Hlusko

20+ Years in Ministry

Co-founder ConSpirita, LLC

Published Nurse Professional

Masters of Science in Nursing 

CAGS - Theology

Dan Klem bio pic 5 19 23.jpg

Fr. Dan Klem

40 Years Ordained to Priesthood

M.Div. Theology from Catholic U.

Gifted Parish Pastor & Liturgist
Dedicated to Parish

Co-responsibility among staff and parishioners

RCIA ministry "Beyond Baptism"

Loretta B pic.jpeg

Loretta Beeman

30+ Years in Ministry

Master's in Religious Ed. 

Catholic School Administrator 

Certified Spiritual Director 

Prison Ministry Leader

Patrick Fox pic_edited.jpg

Patrick Fox

40+ Years in Ministry

BA in Theology

MA in Adult Learning

Lives in Irondequoit NY with
wife, Jacqueline

Works with Spirituality of Aging

Patricia's Professional Photo_edited.jpg

30+ Years in Ministry

Co-founder of PVP
Doctorate Applied Ministries

Master Catechist, Writer

Cajun Louisiana Roots 


Mark Hoggard image.jpg

20+ Years in Ministry

M. Div. in Theology

Parish Pastoral Assoc.

Gallup Strengths Coach

Dad of Jake the Wonder Dog


Dennis pic.jpg

Dennis Beeman

30+ Years in Ministry

M.Div. in Theology

Former NALM Board Chair

Former Diocesan Director

Certified Spiritual Director

Carney--Program Image.jpg

Jerry Carney

20+ Years in Ministry

Theology PhD, Fordham

South Asian Religions

CYAM Ministry 

Dedicated to serve & advance the Church 

Bob Choiniere pic.jpg

Bob Choiniere, D.Min

Theology professor at Fordham

Assisted with 2023 Synod prep Present at 2023 Synod as press
D.Min., Fordham University
MA, Boston College

Expert in Pastoral Planning

Jerry Duenas photo.jpg

Jerry Dueñas

Jerry Dueñas is originally from Columbia. He lives in Central Virginia with his family.

Visit Jerry on Facebook!

Permission granted to share Jerry's images for non-profit use, as long as you give credit to: Jerry Dueñas, and

Want to join the team?

We are looking for people to work with us to help synodality take root in the US Church.  Right now, we particularly need people with skills in the areas of social media, website development, grant-writing/fundraising, blogging, content marketing,  and  short course design, development and delivery.  


Help us “Unleash the Spirit of Synodality!”  

To explore the possibilities, send us an email.

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