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 Synod Document Updates

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The Synodal Process is no longer only an assembly of bishops but a journey for all the faithful, in which every local Church has an integral part to play.     -Vademecum pg 10

Synod Timeline

October 2021  

Diocesan Phase
Local parishes & groups host listening sessions for prayer & discernment

June 2022  

National Phase
National bishop conferences submit

summary reports.

Sep 2022 - Mar 2023 

Continental Phase

7 continental meetings: will gather: Oceania, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America & North America

June 2023  

Vatican prepares the 2nd Instrumentum Laboris (working document)

October 2023  

Synod Gathering
Part 1

The Synod gathers in Rome. Issues a synthesis document summary.

Jan - Aug 2024  

Global Phase
Vatican calls for Conversations in the Spirit  at every level of Church life and beyond.

October 2024  

Synod Gathering
Part 2
Synod gathers in Rome  for a second time

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