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Advent practices in Lent?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

We are hearing more and more people asking what should happen now that the Diocesan Phase of the Synod is complete? Do we wait until sometime after 2024 to hear what the Pope has to say? Well, yes. But it's an Advent kind of waiting: Active. So here's what we at the Pentecost Vigil Project are offering to encourage active waiting: A community on the way. One way to be sure you and your parish/diocese are using this time to amend the parish's soil where necessary so you can practice synodality. We offer resources, encouragement, connection to other early synod adopters. We invite you to joing us in prayer and to practice hope. Check out our website and discover all of this and more!

We are encouraged that more people are discovering the Pentecost Vigil Project, increasing the numbers of those walking togetherwith us learning how to be a synodal Church. We are delighted to welcome you to a people committed to unleashing the Spirit of Synodality in the Church. We invite you to deeper engagement with this growing community. Participation and communion are, after all, two of the synod's pillars!

How can you do that? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Subscribe so that you get all of our blogs, announcements, previews and offers! Click the link at the bottom of any of our website pages.

  2. Participate in our Facebook group. Share insights, niggles, questions, ponderings and practices with each other there.

  3. Invite your friends who are also trying to get on the synod journey. The Pentecost Vigil Project is committed to linking individuals who believe this IS the way of the Church in the Third Millennium, whether or not the individual holds any official ecclesial position.

  4. Introduce your clergy to the Pentecost Vigil Project. We are a one-stop-shop for synod ideas, resources, and companions. That's our only purpose: to Unleash the Spirit of Synodality.

  5. Pray about our ongoing invitation to become a member of the PVP Leadership Team. If you think the Spirit is leading you to serve in this way, contact us at

If you are a gardener, you know that the key to a flourishing garden is good soil. Seeds or seedlings planted in depleted soil do not thrive. Often they die. Synodality is a seedling Pope Francis is asking us to plant in the soils of our parishes, dioceses, in our ecclesial organizations, committees, and in our individual spiritual lives. The Pentecost Vigil Project is committed in this in-between time to assisting you and your partof the Church to create rich soil for the synodality seedling to take root.

You'll find this road map unfolding in our blogs and resources which seek to lay the foundations...amend the soil, if you will. You'll find thought partners in our guest bloggers, starting next week!

You'll find some of our Team consulting to help create the learning community synodality requires.

We are committed to supporting the spirituality that undergirds synodality. Sr. Nathalie Becquart says there is no synodality without spirituality, and we believe her!

Two of our leadership team participated in the USCCB's Region XVI consultation on the Continental Phase document connecting PVP to this growing community of organizations other than dioceses and parishes. So join us as we make this road by walking.

We've created a new model of adult faith formation centered on listening circles and offer it as part of a program in support of the Eucharistic Revival. Christ Present in the Eucharist is available here. Why not consider it for a summer program or plan for it for the Fall?

As we hope you can see, we're on the #synodjourney and are looking forward to discovering together what the Spirit has in mind for PVP and for our beloved Church. Again...welcome. Let's keep walking as we wait!

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