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Let's get set ... for the Synod on Synodality!

Do you remember when you were a kid, and the tug of war was about to begin?

There'd be someone, usually an adult, calling out to us, "Ready? Set! Go!" And we'd dig in and pull with all our might. Those three words gave us a chance to take that last deep breath, get our feet in the right direction, adjust our grip on the rope and prepare our minds to tug, and tug! Last week I shared with you how I'm getting ready for the Synod on Synodality gathering that kicks off on October 4...what I'm doing to take a deep breath and prepare my mind and heart. Now is the time for all of that. Check this will lay sound foundations for you! Today, let's focus on getting "set"...that is, getting our feet facing in the right direction. and our hands firmly on the rope.

Get Set with:


  • Pre-Synod gathering of young adults. September 30th! Pray with them! Live coverage will be available.

  • Pre-Synod Retreat October 1-3, 2023 Led by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP in Rome

  • Pre-Synod Prayer October 3, 2023 with St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis, MN to launch the Synod. Register here.

  • Opening Mass and Opening Remarks, televised on October 4, 2023

  • Rosary each Wednesday in October at 12 Noon ET for the Synod with Discerning Deacons. Register here.


Checking out what others are reporting/commenting on

Synod-minded organizations who may be reporting on or from the Synod

Participating in or keeping up with what other communal gatherings during the Synod and beyond

I have some specific items I am interested in hearing about as the Synod unfolds. I'd encourage you to read the Instrumentum laboris to see if you do as well. Then you'll be able to listen for insights, leaks, observations and other reporting around the issue/issues that most interest you. And's what I am interested in: changes in systems and structures to support synodality; leadership formation in synodal practices; and the practice of discernment in common. And more generally, I am curious to hear how the Bishops who will be forced to practice the synodal style of listening react to the experience. How about you? What are you getting set to listen for?

Ready? Set! Next up GO! And we'll be off together on a Spirit-guided journey, praying, practicing parrhesia, listening deeply for the Spirit's call, practicing discernment in common...becoming synodal. We're excited! We invite you to use the Comment box or our Facebookl page and tell us how YOU are getting ready!

Come Holy Spirit, and enkindle in us the fire of your love!

Photo Unsplash/Anna Samoylova


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