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Huddled in trepidation and wonder

Image from Jimbadical via Google Images

It's Friday, May 10th and this evening at 7:30PM EDT we begin our Pentecost Vigil Novena. Please consider giving this time to the Lord, with us! Our novena text and the Zoom link can be found here.

We're much like those disciples who, having seen Jesus ascend and having been told to wait where they are, are vigiling. They are afraid they too will be handed over to death for following "that man." They are weary of the journey and want to go home. They are introspective, wondering with Mary what will happen next. They are curious, looking out and imagining what it will be like when Jesus comes again...for surely that is what they are waiting for! They are huddled in trepidation and wonder.

We join their vigiling, still waiting for the Lord to come again, still wondering what will be and if our imaginations are even a little accurate. We vigil with our Church, waiting for her to take on her synodal identity more fully. We vigil with one another, waiting to hear the Holy Spirit prompt us, nudge us, guide or lead us to our next steps on this #synodjourney. We vigil together in this Zoom created Upper Room, gathered in a way those first disciples could not have imagined, but gathered together nevertheless. We too huddle in trepidation and wonder. Won't you gather with us?

We gather because we are in communion with the Lord and desire to be in communion with one another through this novena.

We gather because there is strength and peace in sharing our prayer.

We gather across the miles because the Spirit has called us into this praying community.

We gather because it is better to be in community when we are afraid, wondering, uncertain and dreaming.

We gather because we desire to make space and time for the Holy Spirit to work and we trust that our prayerful "Zoom room" will do that.

We gather because Jesus instructed his followers to gather and remain...waiting once again, as they waited (sleepily) as he prayed in the Garden. So we gather and remain...

Therefore, we invite you to gather with us in this Holy Spirit novena. Pray live with us. We will use the same Zoom link and pray at the same time each evening from today through Saturday evening, May 18.

Pray along on your own. Print the texts and pray with your family, small community or ministry group. Let us remain together in prayer these nine days, creating a holy container across space and time in which the Holy Spirit may blow free!

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