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Choose Now...Really!

It's Spring fundraising season and, like you, I'm getting bombarded by so MANY worthy causes and a few that are not on my passion list. And of course, there's all the political advertising and appeals for money ramping up because it's an election year. No shortage of appeals for sure.

I'm not sure how you choose who or what you give your hard-earned money to. And maybe you don't have a list of criteria, preferring to rely on your instincts, the degree to which your heart strings are being pulled, or on what you've always supported. All of those are criteria I've used as well. But when it comes to deciding about new organizations and causes, I find myself asking two reaslly important questions: "What's in it for me?" (I know, I know, very American!) and "What am I really investing in?"

So what's in it for you as an individual if you support PVP? Succinctly said, "a Church reforming herself." And that will have a lot of potential gifts for you as an individual:

  • A greater say in the decisions made in your parish

  • More opportunities to join with Jesus in the mission of Kingdom-Building

  • Pride in your parish's willingness to grow, change and become more of what Christ intended

  • Security in knowing that your daughters will belong in ways they cannot right now

  • No fear that you will hear denigrating language about fellow human beings

And what are you investing in? Again, succinctly said, "An organization with a single mission: to help unleash the Spirit of synodality in the Church in the US." Concretely that means your donation will support PVP as it

  • Continues to spread the word about synodality

  • Connects and resources the early adopters within the US and English speaking countries abroad

  • Creates tools that enable more Catholics (and other baptized Christians) understand and experience synocality

  • Forms synodal style leaders for the Church

  • Seeks to be the nation's "one-stop-digital-shop" for all things synodal

That's what you are investing in. Even more concretely, PVP will use most of the funds raised from this campaign in enhancing our digital platform and in hosting online Conversations in the Spirit in partnership with Ignatian Encounter Ministries. Our leadership is all volunteer. Our other expenses are minimal but without your donation, we cannot create and maintain the digital one-stop-shop that will serve the US Church as it adopts synodal approaches.

That means:

  • Those trying to join the journey will have a LOT of work to do to find the resources to assist them. Save them hours of time!

  • Early adopters will be even more alone in their endeavors. Offer them companions!

  • Products and services to assist embracing synodality will have to be created or purchased at much higher rates elsewhere. Give them tools!

And that will ultimately mean that it will take even longer for the Church in the US to begin to receive the gifts the Holy Spirit has for her, and it will take even longer for the Church to become the salt and light Jesus imagines it to be.

So Choose Now!...Really! The Church needs you to help it to become what Christ imagines and supporting us is one concrete way you can be the change you want to see!

Donate here.

Pray always.

Check out our site.

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