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Signs on the Synod Journey: Flashlight…Spotlight…Highlight

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Pope Francis put the Church on the journey together...on a synodal pathway. He's challenging us to search out those on the margins and peripheries, those nones, dones and free range Catholics. So we need a flashlight. And this blog will sometimes be just that...a flashlight pointing out into the darkness to see who and what we see.

Pope Francis has also asked us to shine a spotlight on ourselves as ask ourselves if what we are doing and how we are doing it is what the Holy Spirit wants of us, today. He asks us to shine a spotlight on ideas, practices, systems, structures and patterns with an eye toward those that enable the Spirit to flourish. And with an eye toward changing those that do not. This blog will be one beam in the spotlight.

Pope Francis continues to ask us to collaborate, consult, share, learn, and grow from one another. He imagines a free exchange of Spirit-inspired ideas, of first steps, of insights and dead ends. He imagines amplifying voices that are often too quiet. He imagines us walking together into the unknown, reminding one another that we never take a synodal journey alone. The Spirit is always with us and we have companions along the way. This blog will highlight what's happening, and connect those on the synod road to each other.

So who am I? I'm the initial blogger...the one holding the flashlight, directing the spotlight and choosing the highlights. I care deeply about our Church and resonate with Pope Francis' claim that synodality IS the way of the Church in the third millennium. With nearly 30 years of professional service to the Church, I bring eyes that see and ears that hear from experience. But perhaps most importantly is my life's purpose: to discover the direction the wind of the Spirit is blowing, and get in that wind.

My hope is that this blog helps us all discover the Spirit's wind, and gives us the courage to get in it, to go where it blows, to do what the wind directs, to be courageous and curious, humble and helpful. So welcome to #synodjourney. I'm delighted to walk this road with you and encourage you to invite others to come along with us!

Debbie Stollery

Deborah Stollery

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