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Pondering...with Mary and the Spirit

Advent is coming to an end and the liturgical season of Christmas is upon us. What does that mean for the #synodjourney? Here are some of my ponderings...with the hope that you will ponder as well, accompanied by the Blessed Mother, holding these things in your heart. And you are warmly invited to share your ponderings with us on our Facebook page!

As Advent draws to a close, our readings turn our attention to the first coming of Jesus...the Word made flesh, coming to dwell among us. He will be called Emmanuel...God-with-us. We are charged to let him enter, for he is the King of Glory...the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are reminded that we who believe are called to be holy, different, set apart for God's mission. And we hear again of that mighty, creative, life giving Spirit who conceives Jesus and with whom Mary cooperates.

What does this mean for those of us on the synod journey? First, I believe this is a time to be ever more receptive to God's gift of Jesus. It's a time to be open to the creative Spirit still conceiving in the world, still creating and still needing us to follow Mary's fiat, and cooperate. The synod journey is a place to be open, to listen, to trust, to follow the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But that's not all.

In this in-between time, the already-not yet of the coming of the Kingdom, those of us on the synod journey are chosen to be different, to blaze the trail, to make the road by walking, to experiment, fail, and start again until we "get it right." This is our call to holiness right now: to be those leading the way. We are Samuels, saying "Here I am,Lord. Send me!" We are Abrahams, setting out on a journey whose destination we may not see. We are Marys, saying "Let it be done unto me." We are Josephs, listening to the Spirit and then bucking the system...quietly, with dignity and purpose. All you holy men and women, pray for us.

As Christmas dawns, the Spirit is calling those of us on the #synodjourney to keep our eyes on the star that will show us the place where Jesus is: the margins, the peripheries, listening to those whose voices yearn to be heard, whose wisdom we need. The Spirit is giving us Light, that we may see where to walk. And the Spirit is conceiving in us something new. We must prepare to bring it to life with Mary's inspiration.

Finally, let us ponder the great gift and promise of God in calling Jesus Emmanuel. God-with-us. God IS with us now. God has always been with us. And God WILL be with us, for that is God's promise. May we who walk this synod journey together perpetually give thanks and praise to God. May we trust that God makes all things possible. May we love as God does, as Jesus showed us and as the Spirit directs.

Wishing each of you a holy Christmas-tide!

Debbie and the Pentecost Vigil Leadership Team


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