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Hands Together

Partner with the Pentecost Vigil Project 

This form is to register your organization to become a partner within our network  Our hope is to unleash the Spirit of Synodality in the Church in the United States, although we welcome international English-speaking partners. There is no charge to initiate this partnership. A Partner is not required to DO anything.  Our aim is to connect other synod-minded organizations so that we may find one another via the Pentecost Vigil Project.  Why? So we can connect, amplify one another's voices, share resources, and participate in one another's endeavors.  We make this synod road by walking together.  The more of us who walk together, the more evident the pathway for others.  Participation in any Pentecost Vigil Project event is optional, but we HOPE you'll support our efforts on this journey! If you don't represent an organization, but would like to be connected to other synod-minded individuals, go to our website and subscribe or follow us on Facebook.

Partner with the Pentecost Vigil Project Application
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By clicking Submit below, I agree for my data to be stored by the Pentecost Vigil Project and to be contacted again for questions.  I agree for my organization to be published on the website and referenced in various ways including but not limited to presentation, social media, and marketing materials.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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