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Partnership Info

Unleashing the Spirit of Synodality


A Partnership with the Pentecost Vigil Project, Inc. offers you:

  1. Your logo on our website with a link to your site.

  2. A chance to grow your contacts by an invitation to Guest Blog or link articles and blogs to our contact list through our monthly email to our contact list.

  3. Assistance in marketing your synod work.   As we market ours, we’ll market yours!

  4. Links to your synod-related events so we can advertise them for you with our constituent.

  5. An annual invitation to join our Pentecost Vigil prayer between Ascension and Pentecost.

  6. Our microphone to amplify your messages through our media (Website, blogs, Facebook, Instagram).

  7. Participation in our digital living room where we can listen to the Spirit, bolster courage and learn together as we walk the #synodjourney. 

We ask in return:

  1. For our logo to be placed on your website (if you have one) with a link to our site.

  2. An opportunity to guest blog or be a guest on your podcast or YouTube video to grow our contact list.

  3. Assistance in marketing PVP as a “one-stop-synod-shop” with your constituencies.

  4. That you share our free and paid products and services with your constituents.

  5. To be included in synod related gatherings as guests, presenters and/or listeners/learners.

  6. For your ongoing prayers for an openness to the Spirit in our Church and within each of our organizations.  

What we are NOT doing- Monetizing these relationships.  For us that means we are NOT...

  1. Asking you to sell our products or for a share in the profits from your products, nor are we asking you to do the same with us.

  2. Offering any kind of discounts, rebates or freebies to our partners. 

We are NOT setting the Spirit’s agenda.  For us that means we are NOT

  1. Refusing to partner with organizations that might unsettle other members of the Church.  Our tent space is open as long as the organization is invested in unleashing synodality in the Church.

  2. Making false peace.  The Spirit unsettles, unseats, asks for difficult debate and disagreement on the way to discovery.  We will not step away from these challenges. We invite our partners to learn with us how we do this and remain one Body in Christ.

  3. Boosting a single synod-related cause or idea.  We are concerned with making synodality possible and so are interested in being in a partnership with all organizations practicing synodality and so teaching the rest of the Church how this goes/grows.  The individual causes around which this work is being done belong to each organization.  Our cause is synodality as a way of being Church.

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