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The path to the 2023 Synod in Rome... is designed to engage every diocese, every bishops' conference, and every continental Church body.  It will unleash the biggest popular consultation in history.             

                                                                              - article from Sept 2021

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Synod Overview from

Kolkata, India 

Synod Launch for

Archdiocese of Nassau

Bishop Robert Barron:

What is a Synod? from 2018

Synod Launch for Scotland

Archdiocese of Edinburgh

Parish Guide - Malaysia's

Malacca Jorore Diocese

Synod Launch in the


Synod 2023 Launch
by: Jesuits Africa

Synod 2 yr Overview by

England & Wales Dioceses

Synod Launch for

Trinidad & Tobago

Synod Launch for 

Archdiocese of Sydney

Synod Launch for

Singapore Archdiocese

Synod Launch for

Diocese of Goa, India