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Am I Trustworthy? Take a look!

I tell myself I am worthy of trust. I expect that others see me the same way. But what if I have that proverbial log in my own eye…what if I’m really NOT trustworthy? This blog series on foundations for synodality is tackling trustworthiness right now...and it begins with us...

Take this quick inventory. Tell yourself the truth! Then ask a couple of people you trust to give you honest feedback to do the same. Be courageous…

Competence: A high degree of competence and the right intent =the ability/means to meet expectations

1. Am I competent in all the areas necessary for my position?

2. Am I highly competent in more than half of the areas required?

3. Do I set out daily to serve others, willing their good first, even when it’s not good for me?

4. When I find myself exerting my own preferences over the good of others, what do I do?

5. When I fail to be competent or to have the right intent, what do I do?

Reliability: consistently and dependably delivering on the promises made or duties entrusted to me

1. Do I keep track of commitments such that I don’t overlook them?

2. Do I know what duties entrusted to me are most important to those I serve?

3. When I show up, am I prepared to deliver what I said I would deliver?

4. When I fail, do I make amends and adjust my habits to take the lesson learned and reduce the probability of failing again?

5. Have I found the balance between the number of commitments I have and my ability to show up prepared and attentive?

Transparency: openly sharing information, motives and choices in plain language

1. Do I withhold information so that others won’t question me or so that I hold the power that comes from knowing some things others do not?

2. Can I explain coherently the why behind my choices and decisions?

3. Is my professional calendar public?

4. Am I open about what challenges I am facing? The parish or diocese is facing?

5. Do I share “what is happening” or “what has happened” in such a way as to give enough information to prevent gossip and fabrications?

Humanity: genuinely caring for the experiences and well-being of others

1. Do I inquire about others’ well -being and make the time to hear their stories? And do I remember to follow-up with those who have shared a piece of their life with me?

2. Do I regularly ask to spend time listening to those who share leadership with me, learning about and reverencing their hopes, dreams, joys and sorrows?

3. Do I try to offer healing and hope to those who are suffering?

4. Do I work to remove barriers to others’ success?

5. Do I walk first toward those who are in pain, bringing a listening heart and willing hands?

Synodality requires trustworthiness to take hold. Trustworthiness starts with individuals and then permeated a parish/diocesan culture. It doesn't just "happen." It takes effort. It takes self-awareness. It takes telling ourselves the truth. It takes growth. And it's part of what comes next on the #synodjourney.

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