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  • Monthly Zoom Conversations for organizations who participated in the USCCB "Region XVI" synod reports

  • An online open Forum for all synod-minded folks

  • An online Forum for representatives of "Region XVI"  organizations (and organizations that weren't in Region 16, but should be).  Note: The conversations in this specific Forum will be visible to all, but only Region 16 representatives will be allowed to post comments.  This will help to keep the conversations on topic and make it easier for all viewers to quickly grasp the threads.

What is Region XVI?

     Catholic dioceses within the United States are organized into 15 regions to assist with communications. When the Synod listening sessions were announced, the USCCB created a new portal called "Region XVI" that allowed non-diocesan organizations to submit synod reports.  Over 100 organizations participated, but there were many more who were unaware or uninvited to take advantage of this option.  Those who did participate are now interested in continuing to meet and function as "Region XVI."

     The "Region XVI" participating groups came from Catholic health care, independent Catholic schools,  social justice organizations, religious orders, Catholic universities & campus ministries, small faith communities and an assortment of ministry organizations, including The Pentecost Vigil Project.

You can view many of their reports here:

Rocky Island

Quotes from the Vatican's Working Document for the Continental Stage


"We have discovered that synodality is THE way of being Church. 
The Holy Spirit is asking us to be more synodal."  
England & Wales 

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