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New:  Easy create-your-own 6-Question Synod Interview Card!  2-page editable doc
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New:  The USCCB has invited all independent faith-based organizations to host Synod listening sessions
and submit their reports by June 30.  Use these interview cards.  Click HERE for USCCB directions.
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Our website was featured March 4
on the Vatican's Synod Newsletter!

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The Pentecost Vigil Project was
accepted to the 2022 OSV Challenge!

Synod 2023 listening session results are coming in!   See more...

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Rome's Listening Model
Download the small group model used by the Vatican

Bishops Invite All Groups
The US Bishops are inviting all groups to have Synod listening sessions and send in their results.

Fr. James Martin, S.J.
"Why the Synod is Important"

A Hymn for Synod 2023
from Synod India

Young People & Synod 2023

Synod Listening

What is Synodality?
5 min. animated video intro

Fr. James Martin, S.J.
"Why the Synod is Important"

"Walking Together"
A Hymn for Synod 2023

    The Pentecost Vigil Project is "Synodality in Process"

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