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Global Synod Reports

The Synodal Process is no longer only an assembly of bishops but a journey for all the faithful, in which every local Church has an integral part to play.                       - Vademecum pg 10

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Final working document for Synod 2023

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Global News from the Synod's Continental Phase

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Synod Timeline

October 2021  

Diocesan Phase
Local parishes & groups host listening sessions for prayer & discernment

June 2022  

National Phase
National bishop conferences submit

summary reports.

Sep 2022 - Mar 2023 

Continental Phase

7 continental meetings: will gather: Oceania, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America & North America

June 2023  

Vatican prepares the 2nd Instrumentum Laboris (working document)

October 2023  

Universal Phase, Pt.1
The Synod gathers in Rome

October 2024  

Universal Phase, Pt.2
Synod gathers in Rome  for a second time

Rocky Island

Quotes from the Vatican's Working Document for the Continental Stage


"We have discovered that synodality is THE way of being Church. 
The Holy Spirit is asking us to be more synodal."  
England & Wales 

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