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Free Services & Products

Our free products and services are

  • Created to help you and those you serve walk the synod journey

  • Reprintable for nonprofits,

  • Customizable for your parish/diocese (select items)

  • Intended to create a relationship between us

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One-hour of free conversation for leaders puzzling through what it will take to become a synodal parish/diocese. Phone or Zoom.

Synod Style Small Group Reflection Guide

A step-by-step look at how to carry out the kind of Spirit-centered listening synodality calls for.

General Dialogue Post card

A table tent card with questions to prompt synod style listening. Especially suited for parishes who want to continue the listening sessions from Phase 1 of the Synod on Synodality AND for those parishes who did not have the opportunity to participate.

What is Synodality?

An eBook collection of the blogs written by PVP President Debbie Stollery exploring the various dimensions of this way of being the Church in the third millennium. This is a perfect precursor to the bulletin insert series of the same title available on our paid page.

Listening in our Homes

A table tent card for families to use to begin to talk about what they love about the Church and what they wish was different. Perfect for individual households or for intergenerational faith formation settings in which elements of Phase 1 of the synod are part of introducing this way of being Church.

10 Characteristics of a Synodal Parish/Diocese

A handout describing what synodality will look like when it’s being practiced. Great for Pastors, Parish Staffs and Councils who prefer to see what they are reaching for and what to expect from embracing synodality.

Questions to use with People with Disabilities

Pope Francis is urging us to go to the margins, to listen to the baptized who live in that space and welcome their voices. Here, compliments of the Office for Pastoral Ministry with Persons with Disabilities from the Archdiocese of Newark, are some questions to prompt conversation.

Informal Conversation Starter

A table tent card with a different set of questions than the General Dialogue card, to continue Phase 1 synod style listening or to begin a parish-wide synodal listening process.

Courage-Gift and Craft

An eBook for ecclesial leaders to inspire and equip you to embark on the #synodjourney.

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View Paid Products and Services

Our paid products and services include academic papers, self-paced learning and consultation. Paid products and services are

  • Geared to serving leaders looking to become synodal

  • Interpersonal through our consultation services

  • Customizable to meet your individual goals on the #synodjourney

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