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The Australian Bishops' Model

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    For the past 6 years, all of Australia's dioceses

have been holding listening sessions in preparation for

a national Plenary Council which took place in early Oct 2021.

The Vatican's Synod documents recommend the Australian process

as a quality synodal model. Examples will be posted here. 

In the meantime, visit their website: 

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 Step 1:

They prayerfully created one main Discernment Question...

"What do you think God is asking of us 
in Australia at this time?"

 Step 2:

They created a simple 4-page discussion/discernment guide in 12 languages...

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English Adult

Small Group

mini-youth and young people image.jpg

English Youth

Young Adult

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mini tagalog image.jpg


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 Step 3:

6 Discernment Topics emerged

 (similar to the Synod 2023 ten questions)

  • Missionary and evangelising

  • Inclusive, participatory and synodal

  • Prayerful and Eucharistic

  • Humble, healing and merciful

  • A joyful, hope-filled and servant community

  • Open to conversion, renewal, and reform

 Step 4:

For each of the 6 Discernment Topics,

theology, scripture and prayer resources were created.

The Australian's 2nd topic is similar to the Synod's main question,
(Inclusive, participatory and synodal) The 2nd topic resources are featured here...

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PowerPoint Intro for

Schools & Parishes

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Theology for


2 inclusive-cover-image easy english.png

 Synodality in

Easy English

2 student-plenary-image.jpg

Synodality for

Youth & Schools

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Video Resources

Video: The 6 Australian Discernment Themes

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Click HERE

to see what

Catholics are

already saying

in Australia